What is Christian leadership?
An easier question to ask than it is to answer. Part of the complexity of that answer is that it intersects two fields of study that have rarely intersected in the past - the fantastically diverse field of Christian studies and the still burgeoning field of leadership. However, the global and cultural expectations placed on leaders in all spheres of vocation demand that Christians have a unique answer that draws from our understanding of the nature of God, reflects the person of Christ, and is guided by the Holy Spirit. This is the conversation that the Theology of Leadership Journal hopes to spark. Much like the journal’s logo, it is the editors' hope that theology and leadership will create a spectrum that bleeds into each other. While some articles will be primarily theological in nature, it is theological development that sheds light on leadership. Other articles will be primarily leadership development in nature and yet it is leadership development that sheds light on an understanding of the Christian faith. It is within this exchange of perspective that a theology of leadership will deveop. To get updates on new issues, please click on the For Readers link to the right.

Vol 2 No 1 (2019): Servant Leadership Around the World

Our Call for Papers for this issue requested articles that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of Servant Leadership in light of various spheres of life. We were especially interested in examining SL effectiveness in different cultural contexts. While SL in American/Western cultural contexts is well documented, cultural differences (such as power distance, gender egalitarianism, etc) would seem to make SL less effective in other cultures. We are happy to present several papers on this topic as well as other noteworthy submissions that we received.

Published: 2019-10-20

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