The Theology of Leadership Journal is preparing for its third volume and seeking papers that highlight the topic “Leading Ethically Through Technology.” Globally, all spheres of cultural influence are inundated with systems and data which are drawn from technology. Since humanity are the engineers of that technology, it is inevitable that the divine image on each person and their sinful fallenness will impact both the technology and its outcomes. We are requesting papers that focus on the unique role that a theology of Christian leadership should play in the formation of ethical agents in the utilization of tools like artificial intelligence, social media, and other forms of technology. While collateral damage created by the extremes of isolationist iconoclasm or willy-nilly assimilation is not difficult to predict - and moving beyond the utterly illusive “perfect balance” - it should be expected that a Christian approach would have a unique advantage for identifying the point in the continuum which is effective given a particular cultural and spiritual situation. Clear understanding and implementation with the least unintended consequences would require a wide-spectrum of expertise from Christians in the application of biblical and confessional hermeneutics in such fields as ethics, cultural analysis, historical precedent, communications, sociology, psychology, technological know-how itself, as well as Christian praxis. While we would like to focus on this subject, papers of other topics will be accepted as well.