The Search for Authentic Church Senior Leadership During Organizational Transition Parishioner Perceived Qualifiers for an Effective Senior Pastor

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David Fowler


This is an analysis of a religious organization of the Southern Baptist Christian denomination experiencing a leadership transition period.  Significance is to assist in defining motivating factors of selecting a new senior pastor for a congregation of approximately 600-800 active members who recently lost their executive leader of 37 years to retirement.  This study is important because the church is losing membership at an accelerated rate, and much of this attrition is due to the ineptness of the previous pastor in the pulpit.  Finding an effective pastor is fundamental for the institution to survive.  By interviewing current members of the leadership transition team within the organization, we may find their underlying elements of selecting an appropriate senior pastor to lead the organization.  After examining these determinants, conclusions were drawn that uncovered facets of servant leadership that were deemed necessary to principal the congregation.  Studying these rudiments could provide useful information to similar churches or other non-profit organizations, from a practitioner perspective, which might be in the same situation.


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