Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development Is Intellectual and Spiritual Balance Possible for the Ecclesial Leader

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Nathaniel Mizzell Joshua Henson


Spiritual formation is a topic that humanity has struggled with since the beginning of time. Humankind has traditionally understood religious and spiritual development as an expression of the evolved nature on the one hand, and nurture or socialization and social learning on the other. This article examines spiritual formation and leadership development within the context of the purpose and engagement of intellectual and spiritual acuity in the life of a Christian leader. To understand the full meaning and impact of intellect and spirit in the human experience, concepts such as philosophy, theology, ecclesiology, and religion appear throughout the document. The paper examines spiritual formation and leadership development from an anthropological, Christian, and secular perspective. It examines the anatomy and nomenclature of humankind as created in the image and likeness of God to establish a baseline for whether a balance can ever exist between the intellect and the spirit within the converted Ecclesial leader and Christ-follower. It identifies a continuing need for the development and teaching of practical tools and techniques for experiential conversion so that God’s Word, Will, and Way can truly be performed on earth as it is in heaven.


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