Description of Discipleship Life Experience in Servant Leadership Context

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Tariku Fufa Gemechu


Becoming a true follower of Jesus Christ and helping others to become such a disciple of Christ remain the greatest challenges of our day. Discipleship life calls for living a life of love, humility, integrity, and consistent growth with the goals of understanding the matters of God, forming character, and developing skills for ministry (McCallum and Lowery, 2012). Servant leadership values and behaviors can help Christians experience the being and making aspect of discipleship life if applied well (Winston, 2003). Using phenomenological research method (Moustakas, 1994), interviews were conducted with 20 participants, describing the discipleship life experience of the staff at Life Ministry Zimbabwe in servant leadership context. Nine themes emerged through first-cycle and second-cycle coding process (Saldana, 2016). The themes are discussed and recommendations have been made for contemporary practitioners and future research.


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