Spirituality in the Workplace Source of a Calling, Levels of Living a Calling, Job Satisfaction, and Life Satisfaction Among Indian and Ugandan Leaders

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Fred Settuba Wantaate


This paper represents an exploration into the difference in the perceived source of calling and the related work outcomes (i.e. living out a call, job satisfaction, and life satisfaction) between Indian and Ugandan leaders. The preliminary test results, except for living out a calling by the source of calling among Indian leaders, are consistent with earlier findings. There are no major differences among the three principal sources of calling on levels of living a calling, job satisfaction, or life satisfaction. The Indian nationality with a higher score on the individualism dimension than the Ugandan nationality exhibits significant differences among the three key sources of calling on levels of living a calling. Among the three hypothesized sources of calling, perfect fit had the highest frequency of endorsement, adding credence to previous findings by Duffy, Allan, Bott, and Dik (2014). The interpretations offered need further empirical exploration and investigation. Future research could test different levels of attentiveness with hypothesized sources of calling.


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