Book Review - The Golden Key for Life and Leaders

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Angela N Spranger


Kornelis Sietsma's 1942 essay on "office" reaches contemporary readers during a time of sociopolitical upheaval, even chaos, similar to the time of its writing. One wonders if the rigid theological tenets posited by a Dutch Reformed pastor offer the comfort of reliable guidance and structure so desperately needed both in and out of the contemporary church. A section on Christ's role as "Office-Bearer" identifies Jesus as Mediator, having redeemed the office of Covenant head, and provided fulfillment of the role of human leader. The book addresses the fragility of "Office," including the Office of Believer, as Sietsma perceived them, suggesting that removal from either is possible. While Sietsma's bravery and integrity lend inspiration, The Golden Key for Life and Leaders offers, at best, a starting point for understanding the Biblical and social responsibilities of leadership systems.


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